TAT Category List

Please note that due to differences in aircraft configurations some hoses in these kits may need to be changed to meet individual aircraft needs.

Some aircraft have been modified in the field and/or when the kits were initially installed on the aircraft. TATI cannot be held responsible for changes made to the kits after they left the TATI facility.

If you find that your hose kit differs from that which should be on your aircraft we will work with you to get you the hoses you need - this may result in extra charges for these different hoses.

9579K63 9579K63 CLAMP, MAG PRESS HOSE $0.91
AE1014035E0080 AE1014035E0080 HOSE, OIL PRESSURE XDUCER $140.14
AE1014035E0100 AE1014035E0100 HOSE, H MANIFOLD TO CASE $147.23
AE1014035E0120 AE1014035E0120 HOSE, H MANIFOLD TO CASE $159.25
AE1014035G0190 AE1014035G0190 HOSE, TURBO RETURN TO TEE $294.84
AE1014035H0190 AE1014035H0190 HOSE, TURBO RETURN TO TEE $280.70
AE1014036B0100 AE1014036B0100 HOSE, UDR TO CONTROLLER $162.53
AE1014036E0360 AE1014036E0360 HOSE, TURBO OIL PRESSURE RIGHT $371.61
AE1014037B0080 AE1014037B0080 HOSE, OIL COOLER TO H MANIFOLD $221.00
AE1014037B0140 AE1014037B0140 HOSE, H MANIFOLD TO WASTEGATE INLET $255.13
AE1014037B0230 AE1014037B0230 HOSE, WASTEGATE OIL TO OIL COOLER $305.50
AE1014037E0100 AE1014037E0100 HOSE $132.83
AE1014037E0200 AE1014037E0200 HOSE, MPC TO SDA $257.47
AE1014037E0227 AE1014037E0227 HOSE, UDR TO FUEL PUMP $276.64
AE1014037E0237 AE1014037E0237 HOSE, TURBO OIL PRESSURE LEFT $283.30
AE1014037G0120 AE1014037G0120 HOSE, RETURN TEE TO STARTER DRIVE $222.00
AE1014037H0056 AE1014037H0056 HOSE, GASCOLATOR INLET $162.53
AE1014037H0120 AE1014037H0120 HOSE, RETURN TEE TO CASE $311.22
AE3663948B0230 AE3663948B0230 HOSE, WASTEGATE OIL TO OIL COOLER $196.08
AE3663948E0200 AE3663948E0200 HOSE, MPC TO SDA $198.74